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Progressive Screens in Your Outdoor Space

Progressive Screens is the leading manufacturer of motorized screening solutions for patios, garages, windows, lanais, gazebos, picture windows, outside eating areas, carports, entryways and more! Progressive screens allows you to have versatility with your space, giving you the option to block the elements, or enjoy amazing weather.

Screen Options

Solar Screens

Progressive Screens also offers solar screens designed to reduce heat gain, block harmful UV rays, and enhance energy efficiency. These screens are made from specialized fabrics with a tight weave that reflects sunlight effectively.

Benefits of Solar Screens:

Insect Screens

Progressive Screens also offers insect screens that are specifically designed to keep insects out while providing adequate ventilation. These screens are typically made from fine mesh materials such as fiberglass or aluminum, ensuring durability and efficient insect protection.

Benefits of Insect Screens:

Residential & Commercial Vinyl System

Vinyl screens from Progressive Screens offer a range of benefits and are designed to serve specific purposes. These screens are constructed using high-quality PVC-coated polyester mesh, ensuring durability and longevity. The main purpose of vinyl screens is to provide a reliable barrier against unwanted elements while allowing fresh air to circulate indoors.

Benefits of Vinyl Screens:

Integrate Into Your Smart Home

Control your Motorized Retractable Screens through a remote or link it up to your Smart home. Can you imagine being able to put your shade down by just going on your phone and pressing a button? Progressive screens are super easy to use and add extreme functionality and aesthetic value to your home!

MagnaTrack System

Progressive Sceeens' magnetic sidetrack rails are virtually indestructible, guaranteed to withstand winds up to 75 mph. No wind sensor is required to use this system, and with the heaviest weight bar on the market, our screens can be deployed in winds of up to 25 mph! (Limitations do apply) This system eliminates 98% of service calls!

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Choose from our range of vinyl screens, insect meshes, and solar series to find the perfect fit for your needs. Don’t settle for a mediocre outdoor space – invest in the best with OLW. Contact us now to schedule a consultation and start transforming your outdoor space with Progressive Screens.

Why Choose Progressive Screens Solutions?

OLW offers a range of Progressive Screens to suit any style and budget. Whether you’re looking for a sleek and modern design or a more traditional look, they’ve got you covered.

Screens for Residential Spaces

Residential Progressive Screens are a great addition to any home. These screens offer a range of benefits and features that make them an attractive option for homeowners looking to enhance their outdoor living space. Progressive Screens are available in a variety of styles and colors to match your home’s aesthetic and provide the perfect balance of privacy and comfort.

Benefits and features of Progressive Screens include:

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residential progessive screens

Screens for Commercial Spaces

Commercial Progressive Screens are an excellent addition to any business looking to enhance its outdoor space. These screens are perfect for restaurants, bars, and other commercial spaces, providing privacy, protection from the elements, and a comfortable outdoor environment for customers to enjoy. Progressive Screens are available in a range of sizes and styles to fit any commercial space.

Benefits and features of application of Progressive Screens include:

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