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Stone Yard Delivery

Delivery Services

Need Your Materials Delivered?

Call to place order and schedule a delivery. We cannot take payment over the phone, but we can send you a secure link to pay!

Up to 26,000 pounds
We have two delivery options . With our Moffet on the truck we can hold up to 26,000 pounds. If you provide unloading equipment, we can deliver up to 32,000 pounds.

Delivery fee varies
Depending on your location, delivery fee’s vary. Unsure if you are in our delivery radius? Call to find out!

Delivery Disclaimer

OLW is given sole permission to place products to designated site. Driver has the right to decide whether if he/she can place materials where requested. Customer accepts responsibility for any fees associated with towing and/or removing of OLW equipment/vehicles from property associated with this delivery if in any area outside of recommended placement areas, this is including other person’s property. For deliveries, placement for product is on the curbside or any reasonable hard surface. Realize that our trucks and Moffetts are heavy so we prefer to stay off your driveway unless requested (please take extra caution if the driveway is less than one year old). Using a tarp or cone to mark the location is preferable and helps ensure the exact location if no one is going to be home at time of delivery. If we cannot fulfill your request, you must be able to take delivery curbside or you will be responsible for delivery charges. If we have to come back to relocate materials, there will be an additional delivery charge in addition to the initial charge for delivery.

By signing this waiver, authorizes OLW to enter the property listed herein, acknowledges that damage incurred to sidewalks, driveways, septic systems, tiles, underground utilities, or any other properties associated with this delivery is not the responsibility of OLW.

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