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Markilux Awnings

Renovate Your Backyard

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Tailored shading solutions

Enjoy the Beauty of the Outdoors With Markilux Awnings

Markilux, a German company, is a leading worldwide awning and shading solutions manufacturer. They produce their own cassettes and fabric, using only high-quality materials and advanced bonding techniques for maximum strength and durability. Lighting and heating options can be added for extra ambiance. Each Markilux awning is custom-built to fit your outdoor space, ensuring lasting quality.

High-quality Sun Protection for Windows and Backyards

A durable, weatherproof patio awning from Markilux, extends your living space in a visually and technically attractive way. In addition to the original function of providing shade, Markilux awnings offer reliable protection for many carefree hours in your backyard, even in the wind and light rain, thanks to their stability.

Markilux awnings are available as textile shade-givers in numerous different designs. They are most commonly, although not exclusively, used as the following:

Find Your Awning

Discover Markilux Awnings for the ultimate shading solution to transform your outdoor space. With a range of customizable options, innovative technology, and seamless integration, Markilux Awnings provide the perfect combination of style and functionality to elevate your outdoor living experience.
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Markilux 6000

Stylish and versatile retractable awning that provides excellent sun protection and enhances the aesthetic appeal of any outdoor space.

Maximum size of the markilux 6000: up to 700 × 400 cm


Markilux 1600

The Markilux 1600 is a retractable awning system designed for large areas.

Maximum size: up to 710 x 400 cm (awning width x projection)

markilux-mx awning

Markilux MX-3

A sleek and modern design with high-quality materials and innovative technology for a superior outdoor shading experience.

Maximum size: up to 500 × 350 cm / 600 × 300 cm (awning width × projection)

markilux-planet awnings

Markilux Planet

A distinctive design that adds style and functionality to any outdoor space.

Maximum size depending on the awning model: max. 600/610 × 300 cm or max. 500/510 × 350 cm (awning width x awning projection)

markilux 990 awnings

Markilux 990

A sleek and compact cassette awning that provides reliable protection against the sun and rain.

Maximum size: up to 500 x 300 cm (awning width x projection)

In House Fabric & Cassete

Markilux is the only awning manufacturer that produces its own cassettes, and fabric in-house. Stay dry and block out the sun to maximize your space. Markilux in-house fabrics are only bonded together, never stitched; a force of over 1000ft-lbs is needed to break the fabric seams. With over 200 different fabric colors you are bound to find one for you. Custom colors and branding available!

Custom Built To Last

Every Markilux Awning is made to order as there are no custom sizes. With all components manufactured in one place, quality is unmatched and held to the Markilux Standard. Metal components are made from either extruded or drop-forged aluminum which is much stronger compared to die-cast components utilized by the majority of the competitors.

Unique Shading Solutions

Markilux offers over 50 different shading products, including free-standing awnings, retractable awnings, and roller blinds, to suit any shading need you may have. They are also experts in commercial applications, providing high-quality shading solutions for businesses of all types and sizes. With Markilux, you can trust that you'll receive the best quality shading products and exceptional service.

Enhance Your Commercial Space with Stylish and Functional Awnings

Commercial awnings come in a wide range of styles, materials, and colors, allowing you to find the perfect match for your brand and architectural design. These versatile structures can be customized to fit your specific requirements, ensuring that they seamlessly blend with your existing aesthetics. With options such as retractable awnings, you can easily adapt to changing weather conditions and create versatile outdoor spaces that cater to your customers’ needs.

Are You Ready to Transform Your Outdoor Space?

Contact OLW today to get started! Our team of experts will work with you to select the perfect awning for your home so you can enjoy your outdoor living area in comfort and style.

Articulated Arm Awnings

The folding arm awning is the most popular awning and is most often used on terraces and balconies. It provides the ideal sun protection and also protects against light rain. With this type of awning, the two folding arms pull the awning fabric away from the so-called fabric shaft, which tensions the fabric.

A distinction is made between the types of folding arm awnings:

markilux arm awnings
markilux articulate arm awnings
markilux arm

Wind and Privacy Protection

The stylish solutions for privacy and wind protection from markilux are simply part of an atmospheric summer on the balcony and terrace. After all, there are only a few outdoor seating areas that are protected on all sides from the sun, wind and prying eyes.


Freestanding Awnings

The freestanding awning systems from markilux can also be used away from a building. This means that every favourite spot – whether in the middle of the garden, by the pool or pond – can be shaded permanently, safely and to a high standard.

A distinction is made between the following types of freestanding awnings:

freestanding awning
freestanding markilux awning
freestanding awning by
markilux mx 5010 green

Enhance Your Smart Home Experience with Markilux Accessories

Markilux accessories are designed to enhance functionality, convenience, and aesthetics, allowing you to customize and personalize your living space to your unique preferences. Explore Markilux range of accessories and take your smart home experience to the next level.


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