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Experience Outdoor Living at Its Finest

Lynx has been at the forefront of crafting high-end outdoor living products for over three decades, ranging from grills to outdoor kitchen appliances, and cooling systems. With superior quality, state-of-the-art technology, and exquisite design, Lynx delivers an unparalleled outdoor experience. Discover the world of Lynx and elevate your outdoor living to the next level.

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Professional Grills

Experience the epitome of luxury outdoor living with Lynx Professional – where hand craftsmanship meets the finest materials and new technology designed to elevate culinary arts. This superior machine is a work of art, seamlessly blending into elegant outdoor spaces while delivering exceptional performance on par with professional restaurant-grade equipment. With Lynx, it’s not just about the glamour; it’s about cooking on a truly superior grill.

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Built-In Grills

A built-in Lynx Professional grill is a crowning jewel, waiting to be set at the center of your outdoor kitchen.

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Freestanding Grills

A freestanding Lynx Professional grill gives you a luxury grilling experience that moves you—and moves with you.

Professional Features

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Sedona Grills

Effortless, elegant and authentic. Breathtaking to the senses. Ranging from basic dishes prepared with minimal fuss to sumptuous delicacies made with creativity, it’s cozy, ingenious and environmentally friendly. It’s seasonings with liveliness, sauces that calm.

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Built-In Grills

A built-in Sedona by Lynx grill is the radiant centerpiece for your outdoor experience.

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Freestanding Grills

A freestanding Sedona by Lynx grill lets you move your grill for a new setting or season.

Sedona Features

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Specialty Cooking

The function of a kitchen extends beyond being a mere cook-top or grill, as it serves as the focal point of entertainment. Each of Lynx’s Specialty Cooking products is meticulously designed, engineered, and manufactured to provide you and your guests with an exceptional dining experience, with careful consideration given to every feature.

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Napoli Outdoor Oven

Gourmets worldwide acknowledge the rich flavors and uniform baking of stone ovens. Lynx Napoli Oven elevates outdoor cooking with rustic delicacies, salmon glazes, and a 700°F refractory dome. It’s beautiful, functional, and expands culinary options.

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Asado Cooktop

The flat-top grill creates unmatched decadence in grilled meals, with options like Yangzhou Fan rice or mango salsa. Lynx Asado Cooktop expands outdoor menus with ease, adding new Asian and fusion dishes. Quick to start and easy to clean, it’s perfect for outdoor highlights.

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Side Burners

Lynx Side Burners excel in details, accommodating small sizes and flexible placements to cater to side dishes and toppings. Enhance grilled entrees with rosemary summer squash, lemon butter mahi-mahi, or peanut curry chicken.

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Warming Drawers

Outdoor cooking is an invigorating escape and an excellent entertainment spot. Lynx warming drawers provide ample safe and steady warmth for outdoor meals, and towels can be warmed while you swim.

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Outdoor Kitchens

By having an outdoor kitchen, you will be prepared for hosting events at any time. Your food and beverages can be kept cold, and your dining utensils can be organized and kept out of sight in a fashionable manner. When all the necessary components are in place, your outdoor dining area will become a space that you will want to spend time in frequently.

outdoor kitchen fridge


Take a break and enjoy a chilled drink or snack anytime with Lynx refrigerators and beverage dispensers in your outdoor space. They offer reliability and comfort.

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An outdoor kitchen is a gathering spot, not just for cooking. It’s always available and welcoming, so keep everything you need nearby.


Sinks and Cocktail Stations

Outdoor kitchens offer unique experiences and conversations. To focus on what’s important, have a convenient area for rinsing, filling, or washing nearby.



Good food brings people together, but grilling can create smoke. A grill hood in an outdoor kitchen with a back wall or shelter can keep air clear for conversation.

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Lynx’s stainless steel is renowned for its long-lasting nature. To maintain its appearance, custom-fitted covers protect the gleaming surface with a robust exterior.

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Grill Accessories

Expand the possibilities of your Lynx outdoor kitchen with accessories such as a griddle plate or rotisserie basket. These add-ons are designed to increase your grill’s flexibility.

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