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Features of PDC Spas®



The Technology and Innovation Behind PDC Spas®

Experience a lifetime of wellness benefits with PDC Spas® hot tubs. With advanced hydrotherapy, hydromassage jets, and oxygen bubble therapy, relieve stress and muscle aches at home. Choose from various sizes, seat styles, and luxury features to match your lifestyle. Let’s learn more about the technology, innovation and quality behind these incredible hot tub features.

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The Build

Built with style, durability and longevity in mind, you can look forward to a hot tub experience that is nothing short of exceptional.

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The Styles

Invest in a personalized hot tub experience. With PDC Spas® you can choose from over 16 different shell and cabinet combinations.

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The Water Care

Enjoy water that is clean, safe and enjoyable, every time. With the integrated multi-stage filtration system, owning a hot tub has never been so simple.


Crafted for Excellence

PDC Spas® uses decades of experience to design hot tubs that soothe the body with hydrotherapy massage, taking into account the body’s buoyancy and targeted pressure points.

PDC Spas® lounges provide the ultimate relaxation experience with a semi-reclining position and neck-to-feet jet action. Available in various shapes and sizes.

PDC Spas® offers several hot tub models with barrier-free seating design, allowing easy movement to experience therapeutic effects in every position. Ample foot space provided.

PDC Spas® hot tub seats provide body cradling and lumbar support. Some models offer armrests and wrist jets for added comfort.

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Powerful Jet Technology

Massage & Therapy Jets

PDC Spas® hot tubs offer natural relief with air bubbles and strategically positioned Reflections™ jets that target specific areas of the body. The balance of jet pump power and jet count is crucial for effective performance. PDC Spas® ensures this balance in every model, whether it’s a few jets or over 100. The result is a relaxing and healing experience that you can look forward to every day.

Air'assage™ Therapy

PDC Spas® has integrated its exclusive Air’assage™ air therapy system into every Luxury Series model, delivering soothing massage action with oxygen-filled bubbles for ultimate relaxation. The system, which uses up to 73 outlets in the seat, thigh, and calf areas, delivers a range of natural benefits from boosting skin cell rejuvenation to increasing energy levels. PDC Spas® sees the Air’assage™ system as a must-have feature for hot tub owners, despite the additional manufacturing cost. Click here for more information on this unique and quality-built air therapy system.


A Modern Approach To Spa Ownership

PDC Spas® digital control centers provide reliable and easy operation for your hot tub with customizable features and advanced technology.

SmartTouch Hot Tub Control

All Luxury Series spa models come with a menu-driven touch screen control. It has an easy-to-read LCD screen and can manage various features, including water temperature, pump operation, lighting, filter cycles, and Air’assage™. The control is user-friendly, similar to an iPad, and has a backlit screen for nighttime use.

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ProView Hot Tub Control

All Premium Series spa models come with an easy-to-use, reliable control system. It has a backlit center and enables control of temperature, pump cycles, lighting, and filter cycles with just a touch of a button.

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Accent Hot Tub Control

LifeStyle Series spas have an easy-to-use control center that is standard on all models. This backlit digital control allows you to customize settings such as temperature, pump power, and lighting. With this reliable and simple control, you can enjoy your spa for years.

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Enjoy a Personalized Spa Experience

At PDC Spas®, every hot tub is custom-made to your specifications, ensuring that your spa is unique to you. You can choose from a wide range of designer acrylic colors and maintenance-free cabinet finishes to create your own hot tub color scheme and make your unit truly extraordinary.



Simple, Reliable Water Care

Enjoy an easier approach to maintaining the water in your hot tub with the multi-stage water management system. You can always count on water that is clean, safe and enjoyable.


PowerFlo™ Filtration, Pressure Side System

Reliable and virtually self-maintaining, PowerFlo™ filtration most effectively utilizes power from the jet pump to clean and sanitize every drop of your spa water.


Pristine™ Filtration, Suction Side System

Pristine™ filtration system uses jet pump suction to deep clean water, capturing debris and contaminants for clean and sanitized relaxation.


EverPure™ Ozone Purification

The PDC EverPure™ ozone system uses pure ozone to instantly destroy contaminants in your hot tub. Standard on all models, silent, and cost-effective.


EverPure2™ Advanced System

This powerful combination of ozone and UV-C is proven to deliver more sanitizing power for a better quality water.


EverLite™ and EverLite2™ for Convenience and Confidence

PDC Spas® has exclusive EverLite™ and EverLite2™ ozone indicator lights to quickly check if purification system is working effectively.

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