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Lafayette Dressed Ashlar

Lafayette Dressed Ashlar showcases rectangular pieces characterized by their sleek and polished edges. The surface boasts a rustic texture, evoking a charmingly weathered look with delicate cream and white hues. This versatile stone veneer offers a variety of pre-selected sizes, simplifying installation while minimizing the need for extensive cutting. It is commonly employed in a dry-stacked manner, although it can also be installed using mortar joints if desired.

dressed ashlar lafayette


Ledgestones exhibit a wide range of visual diversity, yet they typically share the common feature of long and slender pieces. Certain Ledgestones adopt a predominantly rectangular and linear shape, while others showcase a more irregular composition with angled edges. The majority of Ledgestone offerings can be installed using either the dry-stacked method or by incorporating mortar joints.

Victoria Precision3

Victoria presents a delicate fusion of white, cream, and light grey tones, accompanied by understated brown veining. Precision3 units maintain a consistent height of 3″, while their lengths vary. Each edge is precisely sawn, lending a crisp and contemporary look to the installation process. This stone veneer is specifically designed for dry-stacked applications, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free outcome.



PrecisionLedge showcases units with heights of 2″, 3″, and 5″, resulting in a polished and exacting aesthetic. This stone veneer is specifically crafted for dry-stacked installations, and the uniform heights of the pieces facilitate straightforward and effortless installation.

Rustic Ashlar

Rustic Ashlar consists primarily of rectangular pieces, occasionally incorporating a few edges with angles or curves. The pieces in this collection are generally larger and more square compared to Ledgestone, and they are typically installed using mortar joints.


QuarryField emulates the stones commonly discovered in the upper layers of soil, capturing their essence. This collection offers a wide array of shapes and sizes, resulting in an organic and irregular aesthetic that closely resembles nature’s handiwork.

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