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Renson Side Elements


renson side elements

Renson offers a variety of side infills that you can add to your pergola! From fix screens to glass panels to curtains, with the range of Renson side elements, you can create an environment that is perfect for a hot summer day or a cold snowy winter day. Renson side infills are custom to your project and your vision.   Side elements can be configured right off the bat or you can slowly add infills and options as you please! All of these side element options provide different looks and functions to your new space!

Glass Walls

 Finish your pergola with a glass sliding wall and add another dimension to your exterior room. The glass sliding door for your pergola lets you enjoy your patio until late in the evening. It also keeps inside the heat produced by your heating elements. A glass sliding wall provides protection against the wind or insects and you do not lose the great view of your garden. Since you can fully enclose your pergola with a glass sliding wall this is also an ideal option for preventing burglaries. It is fitted with a lock and 0.39” hardened safety glass which give you peace of mind when you leave your garden furniture under the canopy. 

You can also combine the glass sliding doors for your pergola or carport with solar shading Fixscreens and/or cozy exterior curtains to create a stylish and uniform overall look. This pergola with a glass sliding wall also gives you extra protection against the sun, rain and wind! 

You can add glass sliding doors to the following pergolas: Camargue, Camargue Skye, Algarve, Algarve Canvas.  

renson side elements - renson pergola with glass walls

Integrated Screen

 When you use a side screen for your pergola you can enjoy life outdoors even more, but always stay protected from the sun, wind and rain. You can also keep annoying bugs at bay when the screens on your pergola are closed. The coated fiberglass canvas screen is colorfast and rustproof, and it is also impervious to moisture and heat. Combine enclosed screens with heating elements and enjoy your pergola until late in the evening!

The screens are invisibly integrated into the supporting structure of the pergola. The patented guide system that uses a zip principle ensures that the canvas is firmly mounted on the side guides. The Connect & Go Technology makes it easy to replace the motors on the screens later without having to dismantle the pergola. Did you know that these canvas screens can be made in sizes of up to 55.8 ft²? 

Naturally, you can also fully personalize the integrated canvas screen. You can choose from 50 colors and different weave patterns for the ideal transparency. Alternatively, you can integrate a Crystal window so that you retain an optimum view outside. Would you like to give a special touch to your pergola screen? You can do this by having your logo or favorite photo printed on the screen!  

renson side elements - renson pergola with integrated screen

Linarte Wall

 Would you like to enclose your pergola with a fixed wall in a vertical design? Well, with Renson you can! The vertical interplay of lines of the Linarte walls adds a unique touch that you can also extend across the siding or outdoor elements around your home. Linarte lets you create one or more closed side walls for your pergola. It is also equally good when used as a balustrade at a height of your preference. Ideal as a stylish edging for a patio! Whichever option you choose, the side walls are always seamlessly incorporated in the pergola. 

A Linarte wall consists of aluminum siding on one side. A robust canvas screen is attached to the other side. You can even choose which side is on the inside. This means you enclose your Camargue or Camargue Skye pergola with a wall that blends in completely with your home and style. Furthermore, you can stylishly integrate LED lighting or even wooden strips in the lines of these Linarte side walls for your pergola. The Linarte wall also nicely complements your Algarve Canvas carport. 

renson side elements - renson pergola with linarte wall

Exterior Curtains

 Would you like to give your pergola a cozy look? Curtains create an instant atmosphere! You can also combine them with the Fix screen side elements and/or the glass sliding walls for a secure, enclosed pergola. Romantics can fit their pergola with curtains and even add extra atmosphere with the UpDown LED lighting. 

The curtains are tailor-made for any pergola. You can choose from 10 charming colors which also keep their color after washing. The long-lasting and water-repellent polyester is also dirt-repellent and is specially treated for use outdoors. This means that your pergola with curtains always looks tip top! 

You can combine the curtains with the Camargue, Camargue Skye, Algarve and Algarve Canvas.  

renson side elements - renson pergola with exterior curtains

Linius Wall

 The Linius wall with a horizontal linear structure provides a stylish solution for enclosing one or more sides of your pergola with side walls in a functional and aesthetic manner. You can choose a partially enclosed pergola that provides optimum protection in all weathers. Incidentally, this is also the perfect solution for safely enclosing your carport. You can also opt for the Linius wall at bar height. This is ideal as a stylish edging for your patio! 

Linius enables you to clad one side or both sides of your pergola with side walls. Not only does it look good, but you can also fit extra insulation inside that keeps sound out and provides extra privacy. The horizontal aluminum louvers on the wall of the enclosed pergola or the carport also come painted in your preferred color. For perfect results, the Linius walls are always installed with concealed connection elements and are perfectly aligned with the structure of your canopy 

renson side elements - renson pergola with linius wall

Loggia Sliding Doors

 Would you like to personalize your carport or pergola with sliding doors ? The Loggia sliding panels offer endless possibilities. The sliding panels have a non-warping aluminum frame that you can complement with louvers or a canvas screen. The sliding system sits on a lower guide that compensates for small level differences of up to 1.9 inches thanks to the Flexguide plus. 

You can choose from a wide range of panels for the pergola with fixed, horizontal louvers that are mounted under a corner in the aluminum frame: Loggialu with aluminum louvers, Loggialu Wooddesign with aluminum louvers in a wood-effect or Loggiawood with louvers made from thermo-maple wood. These three types also come in the Privacy version, which allows you to manually tilt the louvers to adjust the privacy and incoming light according to your preferences.

You can also choose the Loggialu Plano – an aluminum frame with rectangular fixed louvers – for your carport or pergola with sliding doors. You can also opt to finish your pergola with sliding doors using the vertical wooden strips of the Loggiawood Linea. Finally, the Loggiascreen Canvas has a canvas screen that covers its full span.  

renson side elements - renson pergola

Loggia Canvas Quick Access

 If you want to quickly enter and leave your pergola, the Loggia Canvas ‘quick access’ feature is the solution for you! The pergolais fitted with a sliding canvas screen. This means you do not need to lift the entire screen if you have to go in to get something quickly. People who stay seated always find it pleasant too to be under one of these pergolas with a sliding canvas screen.

The Loggia Canvas quick access feature is a sliding panel consisting of an aluminum frame that is covered on one side with a fiberglass screen of your choice. Your pergola with a sliding canvas screen is not only extremely easy to use. You hardly lose any shade or shelter either when you open the Loggia Canvas quick access. You can combine this option with Fixscreen side elements, or it can act as a door on a fixed wall.  

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