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Renson Pergola Accessories To Enhance Your Outdoor Pergola


renson pergola accessories

A Renson pergola will completely transform your backyard, however you can up your outdoor oasis through tons of amazing Renson pergola accessories. Create a warm and welcoming environment inside your pergola through Up Down LED lighting; you will not regret adding this to your pergola. Whether you choose the Up Down lighting or column lights, adding lighting will create an atmosphere you won’t ever want to leave. When the winter comes along you will be super thankful that you chose to add a heater into your pergola. Through side infills and all of these amazing accessories you can create the perfect environment that you can enjoy year round. 

Beam Heat & Sound

 The Heat & Sound Beam is the perfect way to create extra living space in an exterior area. After all, it enables you to enjoy your favorite music or the functional heater under your pergola from early morning to evening. The aluminum module spans the entire width of the roof and is enameled in the same color as your pergola. Both the speakers and the heating element are seamlessly integrated which gives these options an exceptionally sleek look. You can also rotate the beam by up to 30 degrees to optimally adjust the heat distribution.

woman enjoying renson pergola accessories - beam heatingw renson pergola accessory

The heater in your pergola radiates shortwave infrared light which immediately dissipates heat and provides a pleasant feeling. The watertight audio system creates an agreeable atmosphere under your pergola. You can connect it to a multi-room system, but you can also control it via Bluetooth. Although the combination of audio and heating guarantees a fantastic total experience, you can naturally also install the elements separately. All the cabling is hidden away in the structure of the pergola. 

Remote Control

 The Somfy RTS remote control is a well-known product for wireless communication and can be used for various motorized pergolas and carports, such as the CamargueAlgarve or Lapure. The TaHoma App, which is installed by an approved Somfy fitter, even allows you to control your pergola from your smartphone, tablet or computer.

 You can control the canvas screen in your motorized pergola using the Somfy io-homecontrol. Its wireless radio communication technology makes it a breeze to adjust your pergola using the remote-control unit or app. The smart feedback function immediately shows the status of your motorized pergola. This is ideal when you need to be able to control it remotely. The communication between your systems is encrypted and so is extremely secure! 

Columno LED

 The Colomno LED lights for pergolas has been specially developed for the Camargue and Camargue Skye. The dimmable LED lights are fitted to the inside of the column on your pergola. Not only does this emphasize the atmosphere, but the LEDs also highlight the robust structure of the pergola. You can integrate LED lights in each column of your aluminum pergola (1 strip per column).

There are two types of LED lights to choose from for your pergola. If you want to create an instant cozy atmosphere, choose warm white light (3000 K). If you are the type of person who likes to read at night, you can opt for pure white light (5000 K)! 

led lighting for renson pergolas

Lapure LED

 The LED lights are fully customized for the Lapure pergola. The sliding and orientable crossbeam is incorporated into the roof of the pergola. The lights use high-quality, dimmable LEDs.

Would you mainly like to integrate the LED lights for your pergola to create an atmosphere? The warm white light (3000 K) is great for cozy summer evenings. When you need brighter light, for instance to read, it is best to opt for pure white light (5000 K). You can have up to two beams and have lights in each section of your pergola. This lets you effortlessly adapt the lighting to your needs at any moment! 

renson pergola accessories - lapure led lighting

Lineo LED

 The Lineo LED bathes you in bright light from above. This LED lighting for your pergola can be incorporated into one or more roof louvers on any canopy with a louvered roof: CamargueAlgarve or Aero. Choose a warm white light (3000 K) for a pleasantly cozy atmosphere or opt for pure, functional white light (5000 K). The latter option is ideal for anyone who wants to switch on the pergola lighting at night to read an exciting book from cover to cover.

Since the Lineo LED lighting for your pergola is integrated in the actual louver, you can depend on extremely even light distribution. The high-quality LEDs are positioned along the entire length of the canopy, without any visible points. Furthermore, you can dim the light at any moment to your preferred intensity so this lighting for your pergola also offers you the ideal level of lighting! 

renson pergola accessories - led lighting

Up Down LED

 UpDown LED lights for your pergola add instant coziness. The LEDs are fitted on the inner side of the roof frame. You can choose upwards, indirect lighting or downwards direct lighting. You can also create a unique combination of these. Ideal for anyone who wants to create atmosphere and at the same time wants to read their favorite magazine. You can also effortlessly integrate the look and feel of your pergola with lighting by using this UpDown LED lighting in your carport!

You can choose warm white light (3000K) for the right ambience for your carport or aluminum pergola with lighting, or pure white light (5000K) for good visibility and reading. You can even opt for colored atmospheric lighting! The Updown LED beams can be installed wherever you want, from just one side to all around. These high-quality LED pergola lights can be dimmed according to your preferences, so you can always create the ideal setting! 

coloured led lighting on renson pergola

Lineo Fix

 The Lineo Fix is a fixed blade and replaces a standard rotating blade. It can be incorporated into any canopy with a louvred roof with rotating blades: CamargueAlgarve or Aero. The design allows for the attachment of accessories with weights up to 12.5 kg, with the roof remaining an attractive surface at all times when closed. Electricity cables can also be hidden inside the Lineo Fix. Thanks to the Lineo FIX, you can integrate the lighting of your choice at the desired location in your canopy, centrally above your garden table or seating area, or attach a fan, projector and screen wherever you want. 

renson pergola accessories with projector

Lineo Heat

 The LINEO HEAT is a fixed blade and replaces a standard rotating blade. Equipped with one or two seamlessly integrated infrared heating elements. LINEO HEAT can be incorporated into any canopy with a louvred roof with rotating blades: CamargueAlgarve or Aero. Electricity cables can also be hidden inside the LINEO HEAT. Thanks to the LINEO HEAT, you can integrate the lighting of your choice at the desired location in your canopy, centrally above your garden table or seating area, on the side or in the middle of the canopy. Adding a Lineo Heat fixed beam gives you the warmth of the heater and the ability to add any accessory you may want to hang from your beam. 

Lineo Luce

 Would you like daylight to enter through your pergola even when the louvered roof is closed? If so, choose one of the various Lineo Luce translucent louvers on the roof of your CamargueAlgarve or Aero pergola. These let you create a more open feeling. The translucent louvers are made from high-quality glass and are perfectly integrated in the louvered roof of your pergola.

To adjust the translucency of this pergola to your preferences, you can incorporate between one and five translucent louvers in each roof section. They can be positioned next to each other or distributed among the other louvers. In this way, you get maximum enjoyment from the natural daylight under your pergola. When the pergola is attached to your house it also means you do not miss out on natural daylight inside your house either, even when the louvered roof is closed. 

outdoor pergola with louvered roof


Automatically controlling your aluminum pergola or carport using various sensors extends the lifespan of your solar shading and enables you to considerably reduce energy consumption. A wind, rain and/or sun sensor ensures that you enjoy optimum protection in all weather conditions. The sensors work in pre-set scenarios that are always tailored to your requirements. Your pergola then responds automatically and effortlessly adjusts to the weather and the situation, even when you are not at home:

  • the wind sensor ensures that the solar shading of your pergola is automatically rolled up when the wind reaches a certain speed so that the screen is always protected against unexpected gusts of wind. The sensor will also automatically close the louvered roof of your pergola during stormy weather so that your canopy is protected.
  • the solar sensor responds to the intensity of the sun and adjusts the solar shading of the Lagune and Lapure pergolas to your preferences. In this way, you can also keep the indoor temperature under control.
  • the rain sensor automatically closes the roof of your pergola when it detects a shower.
    Tip: a rain sensor can also function as a snow sensor when it is combined with the temperature sensor that is built in as standard.

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The possibilities are endless for what you can do to your pergola, however everyone has their own vision and style. Make your vision a reality through all of these top of the line accessories. Whatever atmosphere you are going for in your oasis is right at your fingertips. Let us know how we can help you create your outdoor oasis through Renson pergolas and accessories! Visit our Dulles, VA Outdoor Living Way showroom today!


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