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Progressive Screens – Say Goodbye to Bugs & Unwanted Sunlight


progressive screens in sterling, VA

Two things most people with a patio or outdoor living share in common: They love spending time in their outdoor space, but hate dealing with bugs and the scorching sun. One thing most people aren’t aware of: Progressive Screens.

They are the leading manufacturer of motorized screening solutions for patios, garages, windows, lanais, gazebos, picture windows, outside eating areas, carports, entryways and more! Progressive screens allows you to have versatility with your space, giving you the option to block the elements, or enjoy amazing weather. Their state of the art MagnaTrack system is truly unmatched and will keep your screens in perfect condition for years.

MagnaTrack is a cutting-edge patented system that uses specially-designed magnets internally secured within the tracks to allow free floating during deployment, as well as keeping constant tension on the screen. Progressive screens provides supreme functionality and adds aesthetic appeal to your home. 

progressive screens installation for outdoor dining area

Progressive screens is the perfect solution to enclose a porch or outdoor space. Progressive screens gives you control of blocking out the elements with the touch of a button. You want complete openness and to let sunlight in? Open your screen up. You want to block out the evening sun and bugs to enjoy a nice family meal? Grab your remote and with the press of a button your screen is down!

Progressive screens offers three different types of screens to match your needs. Choose from Solar mesh, Insect Mesh, and Vinyl. Each one serves a different purpose but all achieve the same main goal of beating the elements. 

retractable screen shade solution on patio

Solar screens are  perfect for an added layer of privacy all while still enjoying a gorgeous day outdoors. For maximum privacy, day or night, color selections is most important. Lighter colors will reflect light and obscure view. Darker fabrics will provide best visibility day or night. Solar fabrics are available in 70%-97% UV blockage and privacy fabrics.

The screens block harmful UV rays, cooling and energy costs are reduced even on the most sweltering summer days. Privacy fabrics block about 80%-100% of harmful UV rays and are available in many colors to suit your style.

progressive screens for patios

There are very few things more bothersome than a swarm of nats or mosquitos bothering you while you are trying to enjoy the outdoors. Safeguard against insects while maximizing airflow through your space. Our 16/14 mesh is optimal for maximum air flow and to protect from flies and mosquitoes, or 17/20 for protection from those tiny insects or noseeums.

progressive screen installation in dulles virginia

Looking to beat the elements and bugs but keep a crystal clear view? Vinyl is the perfect screen option for you. Progressive screens vinyl system allows you to control temperature and protect from weather elements in your outdoor space. In cooler climates, the system assists to keep the warmth in and the weather out. In hotter climates it’s perfect for retaining cool air so you can enjoy your outdoor living space and extend your living area.

Make the most of your outdoor space by making it accessible year round. Progressive screens proven, customizable vinyl-system helps conditioned air slowly dissipate and contains heat generated by heating systems, creating an extended living area for you to enjoy all year round, hot or cold, rain or shine.

Progressive Screens for Sale in Dulles, VA at Outdoor Living Way

Interested in beating the elements and getting Progressive Screens for you outdoor space? Contact our team of experts at Outdoor Living Way, and they’ll help guide you toward finding the perfect shade solution for your outdoor living space.

Whether you’re looking to enhance your carport or want to give your patio a stunning new update, we’ve got the right options for you! Visit our Dulles showroom today to get started.


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