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Napoli Outdoor Oven™

Experience Culinary Excellence

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Unleash Culinary Magic

Discover a New Dimension of Outdoor Cooking

The Lynx Napoli Outdoor Oven™ opens the door to a whole new world of outdoor cooking. Discerning food enthusiasts appreciate the rich flavors and perfectly baked results that can only be achieved in a stone oven. With the Lynx Napoli Oven, you can embark on a culinary journey, creating delectable dishes like rustic apple cake, rosemary-braised lamb shanks, and basil pesto flatbread.


Our Best-Selling Napoli Ovens

When it comes to enhancing your outdoor living experience, the Napoli Outdoor Oven is the ideal addition to any space. With its innovative design and top-notch construction, this oven stands out as a remarkable product in the market. Elevate your cooking game and create memorable moments with the Napoli Outdoor Oven™.

napoli outdoor oven built-in or countertop

30" Napoli Outdoor Oven™ Built-In Or Countertop (LPZA)

The 30″ Napoli Outdoor Oven™ Built-In or Countertop combines versatility and power, bringing the authentic flavors of a stone oven to your outdoor cooking space. Prepare delicious pizzas and savory dishes with ease and precision.

napoli outdoor oven on mobile kitchen cart

30" Napoli Outdoor Oven™ On Mobile Kitchen Cart (LPZAF)

The 30″ Napoli Outdoor Oven™ on Mobile Kitchen Cart provides a flexible outdoor cooking solution with its convenient mobile cart. Move and position it effortlessly, bringing the joy of wood-fired cooking to any outdoor space.

Key Features of the Lynx Napoli Ovens

Experience the exceptional highlights of the Napoli Outdoor Ovens. These standout features set them apart from the competition, delivering superior performance and cooking precision. With innovative design elements, durable construction, and advanced functionality, the Lynx Napoli Ovens redefine outdoor cooking excellence.

Concrete Refractory Dome

Discover the secret within the Napoli Oven’s shimmering steel exterior: a specially formulated concrete refractory dome that delivers steady, radiant heat for perfectly baked dishes without the need for rotation, providing an easy and beautiful way to enjoy authentic stone oven cuisine.


moveable cooking surface
Moveable Cooking Surface

Napoli Oven features a pull-out cooking surface that ensures ease in placing, checking, or removing dishes, embodying the delightful attention to detail designers strive for.

reversible chimney
Reversible Chimney

In recognition of the uniqueness of every outdoor kitchen, the Napoli Oven from Lynx is thoughtfully designed to fit within a range of inspired configurations, featuring a top exhaust chimney that can face either the front or the back, efficiently dissipating excess heat.

Seamless Welded Construction

With hand-tooled precision and skilled welding, our grills are meticulously crafted, forming a seamless body of shimmering steel, free of gaps or seams where moisture could accumulate, ensuring each grill embodies the quality and attention to detail synonymous with Lynx.

Integrated Illumination

With its elegant illumination and internal lights, the Napoli Outdoor Oven™ allows you to effortlessly check on your food while basking in the ambiance of the sundown grill aroma, capturing the amber essence of the fading sun.

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