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Why Choose Outdoor Porcelain For Your Backyard?


outdoor porcelain for backyard

Porcelain pavers have far more to offer than their modern aesthetic and a variety of finishes to match any style. They are ultra durable, weather resistant and low maintenance making them one of the best solutions to your next project. Porcelain is one of the most versatile options for your backyard with tons of different finishes, colors and patterns all offering extreme functionality. 

What are Outdoor Porcelain Pavers?

Porcelain tiles are ceramic, however they are made to higher standards. Outdoor porcelain tiles are highly refined and purified clay that is fired at higher temperatures and for longer time to give an ultra-durable and customizable tile. This is a newer product in the outdoor world as porcelain is normally used for indoors.

Outdoor porcelain is thicker than your typical porcelain making it far more durable and the ability to withhold a larger load. Depending on how much traffic or weight you are expecting on your porcelain there is a couple different thickness’s. 

outdoor porcelain tiles

Functional Benefits of Outdoor Porcelain

Heat Resistance- Since porcelain pavers are manufactured in higher temperatures over a longer period of time, they are very resistant to heat. Outdoor porcelain pavers trap less heat than most of your other outdoor flooring solutions. What does this mean? Porcelain is perfect to go around your pool and will allow you to not have to worry about it being too hot to walk on your patio barefoot. 

Low Water Absorption Rate- Porcelain pavers have a water absorption rate of .5% or lower making it a walkable surface in the elements or around your pool deck. Pavers and other stones  have a water absorption rate of around 5%, making porcelain way less permeable than other materials. Because it has such a low water absorption rate you do not have to worry about your tiles cracking in the winter time. With a low absorption rate also comes a high resistance to stains and other issues you run into with other materials. You will not have to worry about moss or algae growing or staining your porcelain. 

Resistance to UV fading– Because of the high resistance to heat, porcelain pavers will not fade due to sitting in the sun. With pavers and some other stones through time you will start to notice your colors fading. What does this lead to ? More maintenance and potentially replacing pavers to keep your patios looks up to par. 

Scratch Resistant– Porcelain tiles are extremely strong and durable and near impossible to scratch or damage unless clashed with another porcelain tile. Because it is scratch resistant, dirt and other stains will not have crevice’s or grooves to nest and build up in. ;This is a huge benefit as some other stones are easily damaged leading to replacement and rehab for your patio. 

Low Maintenance– As we have learned from above, porcelain tiles are built to last and built to resist the elements and weather. This ultimately leads to low maintenance and upkeep with your patio. Porcelain has many characteristics that lead to its ultra durability and low maintenance making it a top choice for areas with heavy traffic and use. 

Easy Clean– With such a low water absorption rate and resistance to stains, porcelain tiles are very easy to clean. It is as simple as warm soapy water to get any dirt or debris that may try and rest on your pavers. There is a variety of products out there that can get the job done, but in most cases all you will need is warm soapy water. 

More than Functional ?

Aside from all of the amazing functional features that porcelain provides, porcelain takes the cake in design and looks. Porcelain tiles go through a special glazing process where patterns are printed multiple times  to give it different looks and styles. Porcelain can be made in a wide variety of finishes and patterns to match whatever look you are trying to achieve.

They can be made to match natural stone, wood, marble and many other materials. Porcelain offers a timeless and modern look that will become more and more popular as time goes on. Because porcelain is man made, the look is very clean and consistent and you know exactly what you are getting. Adding porcelain to your backyard will transform your backyard and offer a very luxurious and timeless look for years!

outdoor porcelain tiles

All in all, Porcelain provides extreme functionality and durability while still providing top of the line design and style!

With all of the benefits including its low water absorption rate and heat resistance; porcelain’s benefits go far beyond its timeless and modern look. Porcelain will provide some of the best looks while offering some of the best qualities a paver or natural stone could offer. Whatever design or style you are looking for, we can help you find the porcelain paver that you need.

Stop by our design center to check out our selection and see how amazing porcelain is for yourself! Don’t have time to come stop by? No worries, call or email our team of experts for a brochure to see we have. Design your dream patio with Outdoor Living Way.


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