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Outdoor Kitchens – The 8 Best Elements To Transform Your Outdoor Cooking


outdoor kitchen with grill and island

Outdoor cooking has become a favored pastime for many, with many people craving the summer flavors all year long.

Many people have begun cultivating an outdoor space that brings people together and moves the entertainment into the great outdoors.

Outdoor kitchens have become a centerpiece in his new world, and people have loved transforming their patios into stunning kitchens that rival the ones indoors.

If you’ve been considering renovating your outdoor space to pave the way for a dreamy outdoor kitchen, you’ve come to the right place.

At OLW, we’ve seen tons of backyard spaces come together with a blend of features and elements to create a truly unique space.

The elements you choose to include in your space can make it one of a kind, reflecting your personal style and values.

But just how far can you take it?

Read on to find out!

Crave-Worthy Benefits of Outdoor Kitchens

Before we jump into the various elements to choose from, we need to understand why outdoor kitchens have become so popular.

Extends Your Usable Space

If you’ve ever felt your kitchen was too small or craved additional space when hosting an event, an outdoor kitchen is a great way to extend your space.

Not only can you free up the indoor space, but you can move the entire party outside, embracing an airy atmosphere of enjoyment for you and your guests.

Spend More Time Outdoors

Spending time outdoors can have some significant impacts on our mental health. In fact, studies have proven that you can drop your stress levels by simply taking 20 minutes to enjoy nature!

By creating an outdoor space you enjoy being in, you can harness this moment of peace, and elevate it even further by surrounding yourself with good food and people you love!

Amp Up The Value of Your Home

Whether you plan on selling your house in the future, or it’s your forever home, an outdoor kitchen is a great way to give its value a nice boost.

Not only will you begin valuing your home more than ever, but its market value will go up should the desire to relocate ever arise.

Perfect For Holiday Gatherings

Remember what we said about being outdoors combating stress?

While the holidays are a beloved time for many, they are also the cause of some significant stress levels.

Opening up your space to bring everyone together in a breezy outdoor space, may be just the thing you need to make your next holiday get-together more enjoyable than ever.

Lowers Energy Costs

If you’re like many others, you’re likely looking for ways to keep your monthly bills to a minimum.

Your outdoor kitchen is a great way to do that! Firing up your new grill is a much more cost-effective way of cooking than spinning that dial on your kitchen stove.

Better yet, it’ll help you keep your home refreshingly cool during summer heatwaves!

Summer Cooking 12 Months a Year

Are you someone who craves warmer weather so you can taste those exclusive summer flavors?

From grilled burgers to perfectly charred steak or veggies, with the right elements in your outdoor kitchen, you can greatly extend your grilling season, claiming the taste of summer long after temperatures drop!

No longer will you be stuck waiting for the rain to pass, or spring to arrive to step outside and fire up the grill.

couple enjoying their outdoor kitchen

8 Best Elements to Create The Perfect Outdoor Kitchen

Your outdoor kitchen can become anything you want it to be.

The outdoor cooking landscape has drastically evolved over the years, and in today’s day and age, there are ample ways to create a completely personalized cooking experience right outside your back door!

Here are eight of the best elements to consider adding to your outdoor kitchen.

1. A Big Green Egg®️ For Flexible Cooking

To embrace a truly unique cooking experience, a Big Green Egg®️ is a great solution!

These robust grills easily offer some of the most flexible cooking, and do far more than simply grill.

In fact, you can also smoke, roast, and bake with it!

Their thick ceramic walls lock in heat, ensuring the inside can easily be maintained at one steady temperature to match nearly any cooking need.

And with various types of wood chips to add to the bottom, you’ll discover a world of new flavors as you explore all your smoking options.

Best of all, they can be used all year long!

2. Enjoy The Taste of Summer with A Premium Grill

Speaking of grilling, patio grills have come a long way, and offer an elevated cooking experience that has people stepping outside to fire them up every chance they get.

At OLW, we carry a wide range of industry-leading brands to ensure finding the right one for your space and needs is truly effortless.

  • Delta Heat
  • Twin Eagles
  • Lynx
  • Fire Magic
  • Alfresco Grills
  • Novo Grills

With these grills and the right outdoor kitchen design, grilling will no longer have to be restricted to summer!

3. Host Italian Night With a Pizza Oven

Sure, you can cook a pizza on a Big Green Egg®️, but if you’re looking for a more traditional experience, an outdoor pizza oven is the way to go!

There’s nothing quite like the taste of a homemade pizza cooked in a traditional way, and a pizza oven does just that.

Made with traditional materials like refractory bricks and lava stone, pizza night will never be the same again.

4. Outdoor Cabinetry For Effortless Storage and Prep

When it comes to an outdoor kitchen, storage becomes essential.

And right alongside storage is prep space!

The right cabinetry can bring your entire outdoor kitchen together, keeping everything tidy, while providing enough space for you to move your entire cooking operation outside!

From islands and shelving to built-in grills, outdoor cabinetry truly becomes a defining aspect of your space.

5. Turn Up The Heat With Patio Heaters

Creating your dream space is sure to leave you craving year-round use, and patio heaters are easily the best way to achieve this.

Outdoor patio heaters were once reserved for high-end restaurants aiming to cultivate a cozy outdoor space longer into the season.

Modern designs have made it both possible and affordable to add these heaters to your own patio, leaving your patio glowing with warm hues and a cozy feel.

Outdoor heaters come in a variety of styles, with some units being mounted above, while others are completely portable, boasting a stand-alone design.

How you heat your space is up to you!

6. Bring Loved Ones Together With Stunning Patio Furniture

No indoor kitchen is complete without a place to settle in and enjoy the delicious meal you’ve prepared!

Adding an outdoor patio set can give your space a more welcoming appeal, and keep the party outdoors long into the evening.

With various styles, finding one to match your backyard aesthetic (or amp it up) can be a breeze.

For a sparkling modern touch that keeps cleanup so effortless even the kids can help, opt for a table with a glass top.

To embrace a more natural appeal, look for soft, neutral wood topped with plush cushions for added comfort.

7. Banish Bugs With Patio Screens

One thing that keeps people from enjoying outdoor meals is the bugs and bees that are sure to crash the party.

Patio screens offer complete protection without compromising the stunning views from your yard.

If your mind immediately went to loose drop curtains, think again!

Many modern screens offer a seamless design that naturally fits within your space, maintaining a clean style that keeps bugs at bay.

Screens can do much more than just that, though.

If you opt for solar screens, you can make maintaining the temperatures in your outdoor spaces easier, while also minimizing the UV rays that flow into your kitchen!

8. Keep The Kids Busy Roasting Marshmallows With a Fire Table

Last on our list may not be a traditional addition to an outdoor kitchen, but it’s sure to keep the kids busy and engaged all evening long!

Not only do fire tables offer an entertaining location for dessert, but they also serve as an easy way to transform the entire atmosphere of your space after the sun goes down.

Adding an outdoor fire table is a great way to enhance the warmth of your space, while amping up the cozy vibes for relaxing or intimate moments.

friends enjoying dinner in their outdoor kitchen

Create Your Dream Outdoor Kitchen With OLW in Dulles, VA

At The Outdoor Living Way, we’re passionate about creating outdoor spaces that bring your home to life.

Whether it’s finding the perfect materials to design your dream patio or transforming home cooking with a dream outdoor kitchen, our team of backyard leisure experts are here to help.

Visit our design center to get a first-hand feel of all the ways you can enhance your outdoor space, and explore the many options at OLW. We’ve truly got you covered from start to finish!

Contact us today, or visit our design center to get planning today!


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