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EZ Finish Outdoor Systems

Outdoor Cabinetry

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Outdoor Kitchens Made Easy

Custom built to your specifications and your design. The choice is yours for appliances, veneer and design. These kitchens are custom built and framed exactly for your project. Give us your design, dimensions, and appliances of choice, and we will have a kitchen frame built out for you! The last step to getting the kitchen of your dreams is to decide veneer your mason will finish the frame off with! This will save you time and money with your contractor! 

Outdoor Amenities

Quick and Easy Installation of Outdoor Amenities

Our EZ Finish Outdoor Systems are pre-built structures that are ready to be finished. These systems simplify the installation process of outdoor amenities such as kitchens, fireplaces, and fire pits. They consist of veneer components and can be operational with less effort and in less time than other comparable products on the market. With the innovative bolt-together system, you can create custom designs for your clients and assemble them on site within a few hours, rather than taking several days or even weeks.

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About Our Structures

Introducing EZ Finish Outdoor Systems

Structures are fabricated from welded 6061-T6 aircraft grade aluminum bar stock to maintain structural integrity while being lightweight. This feature allows you to install the structures on a variety of surfaces, such as decks, patios, and paver blocks.

Furthermore, non-combustible materials are used in all our structures, eliminating the need for insulated jackets or liners. The use of 6061 aluminum ensures that the structures will not rust and require no special coating to maintain corrosion resistance. Finally, all of our structures are finished with 1/4″ Hardie backer board, with additional materials available upon request.

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Custom-Built Outdoor Structures

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Custom construction department is dedicated to constructing a tailor-made outdoor structure that perfectly suits your desired outdoor living space. Whether you have a particular layout or location in mind, we’re here to support you throughout the process.

All you need to do is provide us with a sketch of your dream outdoor living area, and we’ll take it from there. We’re committed to ensuring that your outdoor structure is a perfect fit for your outdoor living area, with precise component placement and meticulous attention to detail.

Standard Design Outdoor Structures

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Standard Design Structures are intended to simplify your design process by eliminating any uncertainties. You can select from our range of pre-made outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, and firepits to complement your outdoor living space.

Structures are created to accommodate common outdoor living features, making the design process more manageable while still providing you with our most popular and functional designs in a short amount of time.

Ready-to-Assemble Outdoor Structures

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Ready-to-Assemble Cabinets are pre-manufactured and can be easily installed. This system is similar to our standard designs, which means you can modify the design and placement of all your components.

The cabinets are composed of smaller sections that you can arrange according to your preferences, and then connect them together with bolts. All the cabinets include pre-drilled bolt holes and hardware, allowing you to create your custom outdoor living space effortlessly.

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