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Light Up Your Outdoor Space in Style

Tru-Scapes is a premier leader in outdoor lighting offering a high quality, affordable and simple product line of the landscape, hardscape and deck lights. We make it easy. Our product line is designed to fit and completely light up any outdoor living area. Our landscape, hardscape and deck lights all operate from the same power source and provide the same light beam color visually matching the entire outdoor living space.

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Landscape Lights

Tru-Scapes is a leading brand in landscape lighting, offering path lights, accent lights, and well lights for all outdoor needs. Their LED lights are energy-efficient and weather-resistant, providing long-lasting illumination to create a warm and inviting ambiance in any outdoor space.


Hardscape Lights

Tru-Scapes is a trusted brand in hardscape lighting, offering a wide range of fixtures to illuminate outdoor spaces. Their hardscape fixtures, paver lights, pillar lights, and dot lights are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions while providing an elegant ambiance to any hardscape area. 



Tru-Scapes provides reliable transformers to power outdoor lighting systems. Their transformers are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and provide consistent power to ensure optimal performance of their LED lights. With a range of sizes and capabilities, Tru-Scapes transformers are the perfect choice for any outdoor lighting project.



Tru-Scapes offers a range of accessories to complement their landscape and hardscape lighting solutions. From mounting hardware to wire connectors, their accessories are designed to make installation and maintenance of their LED lights easy and hassle-free. Tru-Scapes accessories ensure optimal performance and longevity of their lighting systems.

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